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Thrips neutralizer




Thrips neutralizer is a biological agent that works on the basis of dehydration of the trips. Once the trips are hit by the liquid, they immediately get dehydration symptoms by an ingredient similar to salt. It is a contact fluid that must hit the trips to be effective. As soon as this happens, the trips will stop moving immediately and completely dry out and die within 3 days. The agent is not absorbed by the crop and is mild to the plant. A plant restorative has been added to restore the stress caused by the plant’s trips. The agent should work with 1 spray if all trips are hit. Trips generally live at the bottom of the leaves So make sure you always spray from bottom to top and touch everything. Usage: Take 25 ml. Spidermite Neutralizer and mix this with a liter of lukewarm water. Preferably do not use this agent in the bright sun but at sunset or on a cloudy day. After 48 hours, the effectiveness has completely decreased and the prepared solution is no longer usefull. Try this product first on a small piece of your crop to see how it reacts. We are not liable for any consequences of using this agent


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