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Up to 50 years ago, silicon was not considered important for agriculture and horticulture, because it was assumed that sufficient silicon was present in the ground.
However, the lack of effectiveness of the current amount of silicon became apparent only when additional silicon salts were added to the supposed healthy soil.
The result of the addition was an improved growth of plants by the use of the silicates.
What is silicon Silicon is on oxygen after the most common element in the earth’s crust.
S ilicium does not occur in free form in nature but forms with other atoms silicon compounds.
Various silicon compounds are found in the ground.
Of all silicon compounds, only silicic acid is absorbed by plants.
Silicic acid is formed by transformation from silicates and silica.
This production process is inhibited by pesticides and (too many) fertilizers that adversely affect soil life.
When formed, silicic acid precipitates through the polymerization process and is no longer biologically absorbable to the plant, but fortunately, the polymerization process is influential.
By inhibiting the polymerization process it is possible to provide sufficient silicic acid for the plant, which enables us to stimulate and improve the growth and development of the plant.
This may include improved root growth, firmer stems, leaf surface enlargement (with more chlorophyll), higher absorption of nutrients as a result of a larger root system and therefore also better resists against biotic and abiotic factors.
Stabilized silicic acid is an important component when the goal is to more effectively and efficiently affect the crop in a positive way quantitatively and qualitatively.
Stabilized silicic acid Several years ago, it has succeeded in stabilizing silicic acid, which eliminates the silicic acid deficiency.
With this stabilized and bioactive silicic acid research has been done on all kinds of plant species.
The result was more harvest with healthier, resistant plants with less infections.
The stabilized silicic acid in silicon booster is combined with other active substances.
Silicone boost is environmentally friendly and suitable for ecological agriculture.
The product is safe for the plant, human as well as soil.


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