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NPK Down is an biological agent that prevents and reduces too much nutrients in the soil or cocos.
It disolves the nutriënt Salts. When you have too much nutrients, give the amount of NPK down according to the schedule with clean water and no nutrients.
It;s common to give 100ml of water per 1000ml of soil (10%) in a regular watering.
Look at the dosage on the bottle and repeat this 3 timess in 14 days, depending on the amount of moist in the soil.
The expression of too much nutrients will reduce within a couple of days and completely stop within 2 weeks.
In a regular grow without any problems we use this at the end of the grow to get rid of useless Salts from the nutrients.
Give the normale dosage with the last watering of the grow.
After upgrading with ultimate soilbooster you will have the perfect bottom for the next grow.
Does not affect the bacteriological soil life in the soil.

Dosage: 10ml per liter water
Shake before use


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