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Mildew protector




This anti-mildew is 100% biological and has a preventative and curative effect.
That means that it takes care of Existing mildew and prevents new mildew from being able to develop. you can also use it as precaution.
Spray pieces where the plants are close to each other and little air passes through.
Also the points where mildew is already manifesting and expanding, spraying extra well with the solution.
The agent is not absorbed by the crop so is mild to the plant.

Usage: Take 25 ml. Spidermite Neutralizer and mix this with a liter of lukewarm water.
Preferably do not use this agent in the bright sun but at sunset or on a cloudy day.
After 48 hours, the effectiveness has completely decreased and the prepared solution is no longer usefull.
Try this product first on a small piece of your crop to see how it reacts.
We are not liable for any consequences of using this agent


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