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Available in: 500ml, 1000ml en 5000ml




This booster will stimulate the plant to have an increased foto synthese to create more sugars.
With the use of organic hormones the plant will work harder and faster.
The combination of essential amino acids and micro/macro elements makes sure the plant gets everything it needs to maximize the yield.
During tests it has proven that the plants that got the booster had a 10% higher end weight than the controle plants that didnt have the booster. 
By adding phosforus and potassium (20/22), the use of pk13/14 wont be needed. 
This is an all in one booster that replaces all other ones and gives a better result.

Usage: Take 1ml per liter in to you water resevoir before adding nutrients.
Shake well before use.water. 

Available in: 500ml, 1000ml en 5000ml

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