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Basic nutrients

Available in 1000ml en in 5000ml




Our basic nutrients can not be compared with other nutrient brands.
The highest quality raw materials have been used to keep the nutrients to the highest standard as possible.
Due to the high concentration and quality of ingredients you will need less of it to get the same result compared to other brands.
Other brands use salts to raise the EC value but these are false salts, they have no benefits for the plant.
The nutrients look really high concentrated but you will need lots of it to get the right result.
Our nutrients are defined by giving very low EC values to get the right results, thats how you know it is are very pure and high quality product.
Average ec values with our nutrients are between 0,8 and 1,4 , not higher!
So the nutrients have an other benefit, they are more economical.
You can do twice as much with the same bottle.
the nutrients are based on the concept of using a nitrogen booster in the first weeks and a phosphorus/potasium booster in the last few weeks.
With doing this you will be garanteed that the plant will have the right nutrients at the right time.
We recommend to use our full range of products to garantee the perfect balance.

Usage: In the first weeks use between 0,8 and 1,2 ec In blooming fase between 1,2 and 1,5. It’s not recommended to exceed the 1.5.
Shake before use.

Available in 1000ml and 5000ml

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