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After growing for about 20 years and doing over 300 grows we know what works and what doesn’t. We developed our own nutrients and tested about everything there is in the professional greenhouses and growrooms. What we found is lots of stuff that don’t do what they promisse.  And lots of stuff that does work but hasn’t been available for consumers market. Untill now!!
Making blends of everything that gives positive effects to your plants untill there is nothing more to improve thats what you call perfection.  We wrote everything down that works and made a nice nutrient brand out of it. It’s called perfect nutrients. We used to make nutrients for friends and people close to us.  But the demand started to grow due to very positive effects on the growers quality and wheight of their crops. It’s easy to get better results if you have acces to everything that the proffesionals have.  Better ballanced nutrients, more resitant to mold and stress, all natural hormones to get your crop bigger and heavier. You will have more room for mistakes because the nutrients protect the plant and our side products give you the sollution to take care of allmost everything that can go wrong. Every grower that tried perfect nutrients stayed with our brand.  That’s why we are very proud at what we achieved, it’s all about growers being happy.
That is our reward and what makes us happy.

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